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Can You Feel It?

The tightness when you flex your fingers.

The bloating in your belly.

Tired after 8 hours of sleep.

The pressure behind your eyes.

The headache.

Why do you feel the way you do and what does your gut have to do with it? The short answer... Everything.

Your gut is the brains behind your body and how it functions and feels. Sure your actual brain in your head tells you how you're feeling and the symptoms you're feeling but it's not the source of your symptoms.

Putting the right things in your body while starting to eliminate the wrong things will slowly start to heal what is amiss in you body.

Now this might not work for everyone, after all we have different needs, but it's a great place to start.

Try adding the good stuff one at a time or all at once, that's up to you. Fruits, Vegetables, nuts, nut butters, granola (the healthy kind, not the kind loaded with dried fruits and chocolate), lots of water and green tea. Soon you'll be so full of the good stuff you won't crave the bad. It's called "crowding out"!

Anti Inflammatory Foods to help you along:

  • Berries - Any kind. These have antioxidants which help fight inflammation

  • Avocado - One of my favorites. 1 - 2 slices as a snack is all it takes

  • Green tea - Mentioned above but a turbo inflammation reducer full of antioxidants. Take is easy if you are caffeine sensitive.

  • Bell peppers - More antioxidants

Here's a hint - Eat the rainbow

  • Turmeric - My all time favorite. Although I do cook with this I also take a supplement. You need an ingredient in black pepper in order for your body to actually absorb the nutrients in the turmeric.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - In moderation this is a healthy fat. Many anti inflammatory properties and obviously great for cooking with. Try replacing your highly processed oils with EVOO for cooking.

  • Dark Chocolate - YAY!! In moderation. 1-2 squares of quality dark chocolate as a treat is a great anti inflammatory. Be discriminate about your chocolate. I try to find soy free. Soy can cause inflammation in some people. Go for the good stuff.

These are just a few of the many, but it's a great place to start when "crowding out".

I hope you find this helpful and start you on a journey to feeling great.

- Food is my jam but nutrition is key


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