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Why Is eating healthy considered a diet?

Why is changing your lifestyle considered a diet?

Why is changing what you eat considered a diet?

Why is working out only something you do if you have time?

Most people view diets as a punishment.

How could you possibly succeed when you feel you’re being punished?

When I started my journey, I’m not going to lie, I wanted to lose weight. That was my goal and motivation. But I didn’t count calories. I changed what I was eating. I stopped eating the kid’s leftover mac n cheese and goldfish and started making myself food. I stopped looking for excuses not to work out and figured out how to fit it in my day. I tried classes at the Y or through the park district. Went with friends to yoga. I kept trying new things until I found something I enjoyed. Turns out it’s running and weight training. I googled exercises and downloaded apps. I started making my health a priority.

Along the way I discovered a few things about myself. I love nutrition and learning how foods affect the body. First, I did it for me. I discovered I needed to be gluten free and soy free. What a wake up that was. The relief on my gut, my joints and my head were amazing. Who knew?!

I discovered organic gardening. I love my summer gardens.

I discovered superior supplemental nutrition. Let’s face it, no matter how hard you try to eat clean, you’re depleted of many vital vitamins and minerals. You couldn’t possibly eat that amount of food to keep up. I learned no matter how hard you try; our soils are depleted of the vital nutrients our bodies need due to pesticides and over planting.

I discovered how much I love helping others change their lifestyle and take control of their health.

Did it all happen overnight? Heck no! But it did happen. I had coaches, friends and family encouraging me along the way. I had accountability partners who were working toward the same healthy goals. I made new friends that had similar interests. Surrounded myself with those who wanted to see me succeed.

I see so many people using quick fix medications. Masking the symptoms instead of fixing the problem. When all you need to do is be willing to change your lifestyle. Be sick of being sick, tired of being tired.

Everything in moderation. A healthy lifestyle is not a diet. It’s not a punishment.

Life is to be enjoyed.

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